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Assisting Life-stage Transition

Assisting Life-stage Transition

Entering into a new phase of life is a lot to handle, even for a normally abled person. These life transitions while equally substantial are often not smooth and require some sort of emotional and sometimes physical support. We support our participants to begin their new life phases in a simpler, safer and easier way.

We've been there. We understand.

We go beyond to support our participants live a great life, the life they want, the life they choose.

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Assisting Life-stage Transition

Facilitating those in need through different phases of their lives, including puberty and adulthood.


Leela Care has been helping people with disabilities find homes that suit their needs in the community

Assisting with Personal Activities

People with different levels of physicality often require assistance in their routines. Leela Care understands this very need and provides this facility as well.


Making sure people living with disabilities are also equal members in our community. We ensure their participation in different activities to feel included.


Making our participants self sufficient in the long run is perhaps the most prominent of all our objectives. We focus on developing some basic life skills in them. 

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