Leela Care Services - Disability Care & Home Support Services

You can't always be there. But we can.

At Leela Care, we provide extraordinary care to the people with disabilities in our community. 

Who We Are?

Leela Care home support services is operated by a team whose extensive knowledge and expertise are acknowledged and certified by the NSW Department of Community and Family Services.

At Leela Care we provide disability home care and support to people with special needs in our community.

We go beyond daily care needs and organize different group activities to help disabled people stay safe, healthy, happy and as independent as possible whether they are in a cared accommodation or in their own home.

We are committed to continuous growth and development in the care of your loved ones.


Utmost High Standards
of Professionalism
and Humanity.


Consistent & Uncompromising
Adherence to Moral
and Ethical Values.


Respect and
Empathy for Our
Respected Clients.


Being Persistent in the
Health Care Sector for the
Past Good Number of Years.


Enabling Our Clients to
Live their Lives with Utter
Joy and Peace.

Person Centered

Our service starts and
continues with the

Our Mission

Strive to empower and individually support people of all ages and cultural background with disabilities to focus on what they can do rather than their limitations.

Our Vision

Champion our Safe, Healthy Integrated Care to the people we support in the community.

We've been there. We understand.

We go beyond our clients’ daily health care needs to help them be happy, healthy, safe, and independent.

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